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IDELPI Software is an Accounting & Project Management Software for General Contractors

Create estimates, manage projects, create change order, print checks, keep track of time spent on each project and record all construction site activities and more.

Monitor and control all inventory items, materials, WIP items, and equipment. Make subcontractor and supplier payments. Generate time and material invoices, progressive invoices and retainage invoices.

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IDELPI Software allows you to do the following
  • Estimates
  • Change Orders
  • Contracts
  • Print Checks
  • Manage Inventory
  • Create Timesheet
  • Manage Projects

IDelPi Software is built for: Painting Companies, Plumbers, Home Builders, Roofing and Flooring Companies or any Contractor who does construction work.


Organization Basics

Maintain all customer details, vendor information, inventory items, employee data, tax and currency setup and more.


Job Billing

Create bills for completed work. You can generate time and material based billing or based on the progress of completed work.


Accounts Payable and Received

Track all customer receipts, vendor payments, as well as complete accounting reports and other features.


Payroll & HR

Complete Payroll feature including employee sick/vacation tracking, attendance management, tracked from time and attendance sheets.


Purchase Order

Create and send purchases orders to vendors for materials and other items. Track received and pending items.


Inventory Management

Create inventory receipts, delivery notes, inventory transfer between warehouses or stock locations. Get reports of stock ledger, stock management and pending orders.


Project Management

Create estimates for the job work with detailed specification of phases and cost types. Create and track individual jobs/projects with complete integration to both invoicing and accounting.



Import your data such as customers, vendor and items from excel spreadsheets. Create and manage multiple users and assign different levels of user rights. Keep track of data by financial years.